Fall Quarter 2017

Hours: Monday-Thursday 12 PM to 6 P.M. & Friday 10 A.M. to 3 P.M.

Oct. 3rd, Tuesday: Open House Party = 6pm-8pm

Oct. 10th, Tuesday: Supper Church = 6pm-8pm

Oct. 16th, Monday: Rootbeer Kegger

Oct. 17th, Tuesday: Supper Church = 6pm-8pm


Oct. 20-22nd, Fri-Sunday: Community Fall Retreat

Come for a weekend of community and autumn-themed fun!  The theme for the retreat is Peace and Presence and we will be spending time reflecting on persevering through all of life’s crappiness.  It will be a great chance to grow together for new and old attendees!  Click here for more info.


Oct. 24th, Tuesday: Peace + Presence Reflection = 6pm-8pm

Oct. 31st, Tuesday: Halloween Costume Party = 6pm-8pm

Nov. 7th, Tuesday: Vespers = 6pm-8pm

Nov. 11th, Saturday: TEEN FEED

Nov. 14th, Tuesday: Supper Church = 6pm-8pm

Nov. 21st, Tuesday: Thanksgiving Feast = 6pm-8pm

Nov. 28th, Tuesday: BYOBuddy Night = 6pm-8pm

Dec. 5th, Tuesday: Christmas Vespers = 6pm-8pm

Dec. 9th, Saturday: TEEN FEED


Dec. 10-14th, Sat-Thursday: Finals Support [Details Coming Soon!]


**RSVP, if you can, on Facebook**

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